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Bromsgrove Liberal Democrats

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Lib Dems Join Cross-Party Campaign to Demand Democracy

August 21, 2020 12:06 PM

Members of the Bromsgrove Lib Dems will be joining a socially distanced cross-party rally to demand a fairer voting system on Saturday at the Lickey Hills Car Park on Monument Lane at 3PM.

Local organiser Dr David Nicholl said: "The UK is one of only three countries out of 43 in Europe who use First Past the Post. All the other countries use some form of Proportional Representation which leads to greater diversity, more women in Parliament and higher voter turn-out."

Fellow Lib-Dem Sam Evans, highlighted that: "No party has won over the 50 per cent of the vote in a UK election since the National Government did in 1935."

He added that the Conservatives won only 43.6% of votes at the last election yet received 56% of seats. The cross-party campaign by Make Votes Matter is demanding that the UK adopts proportional representation to make votes match seats, ending majority rule on a minority of votes and encouraging politicians to work togethter where there is common ground.

Anyone is welcome to join the Bromsgrove Lib Dems at the cross-party rally, whether they are a member of the party, another party or independent of any political affiliation. There is no dress code but the Lib Dems are encouraging people to wear purple and green. You can also print off posters for the rally, examples of which can be found here.

Alternatively, you can post your support online as some of our members have done such as local campaigner Sam Evans will do on Saturday by making a video and using the hashtag #DemandDemocracy and tagging local MP Sajid Javid.

Examples of videos from some local residents and some Lib Dem members can be seen below: